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What We Do

Our goal is to discover treasures where others may see nothing unusual.

During our time for you we will listen to what the Creator has to say about you and respond with utterances that will dispatch the angelic to help and guide you. We will engage your spirit to seek the truth about who you are, where you belong, what you were called to do and where you can go from here. We will help guide you on the path to find direction and the truth of your inner being. You will then receive a written Account of Discoveries to meditate and muse on as you wish!

Whether you are transitioning into something new, dissatisfied and dismayed with where you are at, frustrated that you just can’t find answers to your many questions, lonely and unfulfilled, have longings and desires that you don’t fully understand or simply just want more, we would be very excited to partner with you and guide you into all that you are and need.

Noble Daughter and her team of truth seekers will consult with the Creator for what you seek and desire most.