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Understanding Beyond

Going Beyond

Engaging your spirit to seek the truth about who you are.

Who We Are

Canadian born and raised with a passion and love to help others understand who they are, what obstacles they are facing and how to live out their true potential!

Noble Daughter is the youngest of 7 children who grew up in a small Ontario town which afforded her much freedom and joy. As she entered adult life, many choices took her down roads that led to nothing satisfying. Many things remained unsettled within which could not be explained. Once she came to know and understand truth, significant change happened and her life was set on a completely different course.

Having been on her own mission to understand fully who she is and where she belongs, Noble Daughter has gained much experience by pursuing enlightened views from the Creator and those around her. Her gift to see those things that are hidden or in the background of others’ lives has given her what she needs to run with passion to support those who would seek it. She runs to freedom through truth and loves to run with others to their freedom!

How We Can Help

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Check out what our happy clients have said about the discoveries they have received from us.


"As I read my Account of Discoveries from Noble Daughter, I was so moved that it brought tears to my eyes and I was astonished at the information she received for me. She addressed some things for the future that I have really wondered about. She was very specific on a couple of things that I have hoped for and have given much thought to. The things that she wrote brought much hope, joy and encouragement for the present. She was able to see some things that I greatly-long for. She also saw things that would be coming within the next 3 months for me, it was wonderful and delightful news. Noble Daughter spoke to my past, present and future and answered some longing questions of my heart. It was such a joy to read my Account of Discoveries, it was so needed and answered many questions I have considered."

Florida, USA

“I was quite touched by profound words of comfort and guidance I received from Noble Daughter. The Account of Discoveries brought so much peace and understanding to me, that I often go back and read it through. As a professional and truth seeker, I am always on the lookout for continual guidance and confirmation. I found just that here! I highly recommend it to family and friends. It was such a blessing to me!”

Ontario, Canada